who will judge - what does e = mc mean?

who will judge - what does e = mc mean?

  1. And what do you think?
  2. Or maybe he asked from a philosophical point of view ... and he is not interested in physics at all ...
  3. e = mc ^ 2 is the most famous formula in physics. Even those who do not know anything about the subject at all, have even seen this formula.

    The formula is put into circulation by Albert Einstein. In it, e is the total energy of the body, m is its mass, and c is the speed of light in the void. It illustrates that mass and energy, in fact, are one and the same property of physical matter. This is very much in the style of Einstein's non-trivial thinking: to combine space and time into space-time, and energy and mass-energy-mass. Before it was believed that in any physical process, the mass and energy are preserved separately. Modern physics believes that the "energy-mass" is preserved.

    This, in particular, means that a hot kettle is slightly heavier than a cold one, and a moving car is worth a while. True, this "little" is so small that it can only be noticed on a large scale. No scales will show a change in mass when the kettle is heated. But the Sun loses hundreds of millions of tons of mass every second, which turns into the energy of its radiation.

    In some physical processes, matter can even go completely into radiation. In this case, the mass is completely lost, but the energy of the scattering particles occupies the place. Conversely, particles of finite mass can be born from the electromagnetic field. In this case, they "borrow" their mass from the radiation energy. All this and "rules" the formula e = mc ^ 2, and this is a common thing in quantum mechanics.

    By the way, Einstein himself did not recognize many of the principles of quantum mechanics, but despite this his famous formula always worked perfectly and continues to do so now.

  4. This is the inertia of the rest of the particle! and it shows that the mass is energy! Total energy will take form in terms of relativistic motion! and the kinetic is the total minus the rest energy!
  5. in general the complete formula e = mc ^ 2 / rjhtym (1-v ^ 2 / c ^ 2)
    type Vlt;
  6. There is nothing special about it.
    At least from the point of view of the layman. It's just a formula that links mass and energy, like they are proportional and are the same thing. And in fact these are different forms of a single ointment.

    There are many more interesting formulas from physics useful for the average person.

  7. Well, a person can move in time by accelerating at the speed of light.
    The energy is equal to the mass.
  8. Rimpocher Guru wrote: "There is nothing special about it." Well, of course, nothing special ... estimate the speed of the matchmaker 300000km / s well and erect in a square ... so-so ... the fact that a bucket of snow can be hardly a year to heat a whole city ... not surprising ... on relativistic mechanics works all modern equipment, also nonsense, well, and accurate weighing of a dying person, which is easier on 33. What energy is released? Count? But the soul is, as it is not called (all this is a hypothesis, but not refuted) ...
  9. Formula E = mc2 - the energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light in free space.

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Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean Who will judge - what does e mc mean