Why does a man sweat?

It is a well-known fact that everyonea person sweats both under normal conditions and under physical exertion. Sweat consists of 99% of water and 1% of salts (chlorides, phosphates, sulfates) and other substances, such as urea, urate salts. However, the total composition of sweat depends on the content in the blood of various compounds and the abundance of sweating. Since then, medicinal substances are withdrawn from a person, the products of metabolism, toxic compounds, salts and toxins are released, ie the body cleanses of harmful substances.

So why does man sweat? If the influx of heat to the human body increases significantly, it breaks the temperature balance, which is constantly maintained by the body. Man becomes hot. In order for the temperature balance to return to normal, that is, the balance is restored, the body releases sweat, thereby increasing heat transfer. The perspired sweat moisturizes the surface of the body. And the evaporated moisture reduces the body temperature and protects the body from overheating.

Why does a person sweat much? How correctly intensive sweating prevails in fat people, because they have violations from the endocrine system. You can sweat too much in the heat, and with hot food. Then the heat gets into the body and it emits sweat to increase heat transfer. Abundant sweating is observed in people who wear synthetic clothing, as it delays the release of heat. Also, an abundant perspiration comes when the work of cardiovascular, urinary and endocrine systems is disrupted.

Why does a person sweat in a dream? The answer lies on the surface of this question. This may be due to the increased temperature in the room or due to the use of a too-warm blanket, as well as the cause of an overnight sweating may be an incorrectly selected bedding that does not let in air. Stress is one of the most common causes of perspiration at night.

Why a person sweats at night, if for this there is nono external causes? Then this very reason must be sought inside the body. She can have various diseases, such as: tuberculosis, infection, leukemia, bowel and heart disease. Also, increased sweating can be facilitated by taking various medications and a disease such as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is the allocation of a large amount of sweat, in the absence of any disease.

How to deal with intense sweating? The first thing is to consult a specialist and exclude any diseases so that further procedures do not worsen the state of your health. If there is no reason to worry, you can take hot baths and visit the baths, thereby removing harmful substances from your body and restoring the thermoregulation.

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