Why gnaw nails?

According to statistics, on our planet everyonethe tenth man gnaws at the nails. This figure, of course, depends on various factors, such as, for example, gender, age of a person or place of residence. Why do they bite their nails and what are the causes of onyphagia (a medical term denoting the habit of gnawing nails) is still unknown to scientists for sure. However, there are many theories about this. Here are some of them.

Why people gnaw nails

  • The most common reason for this habitis considered a neurosis, excitement, anxiety and self-doubt. There is even an opinion that people who gnaw nails are mentally unwell to some extent. However, it is formally impossible to determine this degree.
  • According to the following theory, the habit of gnawing nails is directly related to aggression directed at oneself. Such a person is engaged in self-flagellation and self-incriminations, and gnaws at himself infinitely.
  • This habit can often be a sign ofobsessive and unsettling disturbances that certain rituals help to cope with: whether it's winding hair on your finger, endlessly adjusting your clothes, or wanting to nail your nails.
  • Another reason for the onyphagia is that some people just regularly bite a damaged nail when it breaks down or breaks. And then, trying to fix the forum "gnaw" it to perfection.

Why a child gnaws his nails

Very often babies gnaw their nails. Why is this related and why? There are several opinions on this matter.

  • The most common reason why yourthe baby gnaws at the fingernails, is banal. The child, thus, simply relieves stress. Usually it is related to the fact that the baby is experiencing serious life changes, such as, for example, the first trip to a kindergarten or entering a school. This is evidenced most often by the fact that the baby has some difficulties in adapting to new conditions and characterizes his personal characteristics, such as vulnerability, impressionability and anxiety. Each time, when there will be an occasion for excitement, the desire to gnaw nails will increase. The habit is quickly rooted, if the parents will constantly make comments to the baby, reproach and pull him down.
  • The next reason that a baby gnaws at the feet- this idleness. After all, everyone knows that when a child is bored and has nothing to do, he starts doing something ordinary, something that first comes to his mind. For example, nails that can be chewed. Returning to the past is another reason that encourages children to gnaw their nails. All the children sucked their fingers in childhood. Experts believe that under certain circumstances, babies remember this, then fingers stretch into the mouth, well, as a result, the child starts to gnaw the nails.

Why not nail your nails

And now let's talk about the main thing. Why can not you nail your nails? What is dangerous in this? The main problem that arises in lovers of gnawing nails is a high probability of contracting infectious diseases or various pests, for example, worms. Infection with worms, often, contributes to the development of other, no less dangerous diseases. Among them and such as hepatitis. In addition, this habit has a negative effect on the appearance of the nails. They look disgusting. And beautiful hands for girls are very relevant.

In general, there is nothing good in this habit. So try to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

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