Will there be an increase in the retirement age in 2019?

Quite acute in the country is the issue of pensions. With a small amount of the average payment, the Pension Fund has a huge deficit and cannot cover the necessary expenses in order to provide the population with deserved money for old age.

There is a complex of reasons that caused such a problem. The difficult economic situation in the country only increases the importance of this issue. Therefore, now the question of revising the retirement age for the population is often raised.

Talking about such a measure gives rise to rumors and legitimate anxiety among ordinary people, so you should understand the question. We present to your attention the latest news on this topic.

Why do I need to raise the retirement age

Now the age for retirement in Russia is 60 years for men and 55 years for women. By the way, this criterion has not been revised for more than 80 years. Such parameters were adopted in 1932.However, since that time, a lot of time has passed and so many things have changed.

The pension fund is scarce, and the annual loss of money amounts to hundreds of billions of rubles. This suggests that taxes paid by citizens are not enough to provide pensions to all who need it.

Because of this, additional funding is required from the state treasury, which, against the background of problems with the economy, is very painful for the state budget.

According to experts, the deficit will be reduced over the years and in 2019 it is expected to decrease by 20%. However, this is not enough. Raising the retirement age will help to quickly level the deficit and provide additional injections into the treasury of Russia.

Increase life expectancy

retirement age in Russia

Increased life expectancy is a very positive characteristic, but specifically to the Pension Fund it creates problems.

The fact is that at the time of the adoption of the effective values ​​of the retirement age, the indicators of average life expectancy were much less. As a result, there was a large percentage of able-bodied citizens in the country who paid taxes to the Pension Fund and there was no deficit.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. About a quarter of all Russian citizens receive pensions. The unemployed and children should be deducted from the total amount of the population, and then such a situation is obtained when taxes paid are not enough to ensure pension payments.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that many Russians do not formally find employment or hide their income level, as a result of which they pay smaller contributions to the Pension Fund.

At the same time, experts predict a steady increase in the life expectancy of Russians. Already, it is more than 72 years. After 5-6 years, it can reach values ​​in 76 years.

With such a dynamic and with the current retirement age remaining, by 2030, one third of the entire Russian population will receive a pension. And it will be a very big blow to the economy.

Opinion of the authorities regarding raising the retirement age

raising the retirement age in 2019

The government is arguing over whether it is necessary to raise the retirement age or not. The Center for Strategic Research is confident that this is a necessary step. Only in this way, according to the leader of this instance, it is possible to prevent the fall of the country's economy and create conditions for its continuous growth.

According to officials, the results of such a pension reform will be visible almost immediately and will provide excellent support for the state budget.

At the same time, supporters of this opinion believe that the retirement age should be raised to 63 years. Without this, stable economic growth cannot be achieved, they say.

The current government strongly disagrees with this initiative. The Ministry of Labor said that the economy is already growing.

According to representatives of this organization, the Pension Fund deficit in 2019 will decrease not by 20% compared with 2017, as experts predict, but by 50%. Such indicators are generally achievable, but only under the condition that Russia will not be shaken by new problems. In many ways, it all depends on the price of oil.

Among the top leaders of the country, the issue of raising the retirement age has not yet been raised. According to experts, this is due to the upcoming elections - such discussions can lead to a rapid drop in ratings.

news retirement age 2019

However, after the elections, provided that the current leaders remain in power, and the trend towards a rapid reduction in the deficit of the PFR is not possible, it is quite possible to revise the retirement age.

The Pension Fund itself states that there were no orders to revise the retirement age.

Thus, at present, in 2019, no adjustment of this parameter is planned. As stated in the FIU, with a shortage of funds they will fight in another way - reductions. So, in 2017, the plans were to reduce the staff by 10%.

Models of raising the retirement age

It should be noted that the initiators of such adjustments understand how painful the population can perceive the fact of raising the retirement age. Therefore, the government proposed several options in order to mitigate such an adjustment.

Age is proposed to change to 65 years for men and 63 years for women.

increase in retirement age in 2019

The retirement age will not change immediately:

  • The government can raise the rate by half a year every 12 months to ensure the smoothest transition.
  • The second option is to raise the age by one year every 12 months. Then the economic benefits will be more tangible.

The Ministry of Economy and Development offers the option of raising to 63 years for both men and women - a practice that is used in several countries.

A variant is also discussed with a gradual transition to the age of 60 for women and 65 for men. The transition with this strategy is most smooth. For men, each year the age will increase by 3 months, for women - by half a year.

Anyway, now the government has not officially announced such intentions. Whether this will come to life is a question, the answer to which depends on the state of the Russian economy. It remains to hope that its even growth will help to preserve the old parameters of retirement for the longest.

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