Will the winter be cold in 2018-2019

And although it is still far from the first real frosts, many people are wondering whether the winter in 2018-2019 will be cold. Someone needs this information in order to determine the amount of fuel needed for the heating season, someone wants to plan a vacation for the Christmas holidays, and someone plans to go shopping for winter things.

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For various reasons, people have long been interested in the weather forecast. And although meteorology has existed for several centuries, it is impossible to attribute it to exact sciences. Even modern technologies, high-precision measuring equipment and computer programs do not make it possible to accurately determine the weather forecast, especially in half a year. All the statements of weather forecasters are more reasoning and assumptions. Even they do not know how cold the winter will be in 2018-2019, because nature can always make its own adjustments.

General information

The territory of Russia stretches from Europe to the Sea of ​​Japan. It passes through several climatic zones, so it is impossible to make a single forecast for the whole country.Both frosts and snow cover are very different in the southern and northern regions. The general assumptions of weather forecasters can be described in several theses:

  1. The winter will remind of itself in November. In the northern regions, this will manifest itself more clearly, but in the southern regions, the beginning of the winter period may be more like a frozen autumn due to excessive humidity and damp. In addition, snow cover may be absent.
  2. December promises to be rich in rainfall. It is predicted that in the first month of winter, snowfall of varying intensity will pass throughout the country. At the same time, it is possible that in the Krasnodar Territory and other southern areas the snow will initially melt, since the marks on the thermometer will be above zero.
  3. On New Year's holidays, most likely, there will be an average temperature of air. In January there will be clear and frosty weather, although it is possible that nature will present a gift in the form of a blizzard. At risk are the regions of central and northern Russia.
  4. In February there will be thaws, but in general the winter will not recede until March. In some regions, the snow will lie until April.

Important! Forecasters predict that the spring will not be early, although the exception may be the Southern Federal District. Here the snow can melt back in February.

Abnormal cold - will it be or not?

Some meteorologists are sounding the alarm and say that the winter in 2018-2019 will be abnormally cold. The fact is that due to global warming, the cause of which was the greenhouse effect, the climate on Earth has changed significantly. Over the past year there have been many abnormal weather events. For example, this summer not only Russian cities, but also Asian settlements, European capitals and American states suffered from heavy rains. Unusual steel and hurricanes, storms and tornadoes. This year they were observed even in those places where they had never before manifested themselves.

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It is not excluded that the approaching winter in Russia will set new temperature records. Although some meteorologists claim that in most areas the climate will remain moderately mild and there will be no significant changes.

Regardless of whether weather forecasts come true or not, traditionally a very cold winter in 2018-2019 will be in the following Russian regions:

  • Altai region;
  • Magadan Region;
  • Chukotka;
  • Transbaikalia;
  • Krasnoyarsk region;
  • Saha Republic;
  • Kamchatka;
  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area;
  • Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Abnormally low temperatures (below -60˚C) were recorded at different periods in these regions. For residents of the central and northern regions, severe frost and a large amount of snow has become commonplace, so they won’t be surprised.

Note! Most weather forecasters agree that the winter in 2018-2019 will not be very cold, but it will not be superfluous to buy warm clothes.

Why can not accurately predict the weather?

Now it is difficult to determine whether the winter of 2018-2019 will be the coldest in recent years or even a century, although no one excludes the likelihood of such a possibility. To predict the weather, meteorologists study various natural phenomena and their characteristics:

  • air humidity and temperature;
  • features of the formation of cyclones and anticyclones;
  • wind direction and strength;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • rainfall, etc.

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Usually the necessary data is processed by special computer programs that simplify the task for forecasters. Obtain the necessary information for making forecasts from ground-based meteorological and orbital stations. But even the full collection of detailed information does not allow us to accurately predict the weather,since it depends on the following criteria:

  • solar activity;
  • ocean currents;
  • atmospheric fronts, etc.

Hurricanes and typhoons also affect the weather, which in most cases cannot be foreseen for a long time, as well as other phenomena. The weather is very unpredictable, and therefore it is quite difficult to predict it over a long period.

You can listen to the opinion of weather forecasters, but keep in mind that no meteorologist can say for sure what the weather will be like this winter. Only with the arrival of winter will it become clear whether it will be abnormal or not.

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