Will there be an amnesty in 2018

Some prisoners currently serving their sentences in prisons, as well as their relatives and close people are interested in the question: will there be an amnesty in Russia in 2018? The reason for such an event is the most suitable one - this is the March presidential election. The population continues to interpret the final verdict of the authorities in this regard, so the search for an answer to the question should be approached with all responsibility.

The essence and concept

Until the year 2018, the amnesty process of the offenders took place repeatedly, therefore today it is possible to establish with certainty what significant features this social phenomenon has. This act is an event that exempts certain groups of persons from the need to serve criminal / administrative punishments to the end or provides an opportunity to change some conditions of existence to others that are more benign. Criminals who have committed not particularly grave atrocities and do not pose a serious danger to society,get the right to go free before the time (full form of “forgiveness”) or move from a high-security prison to a similar institution, but already in a general regime (incomplete or partial form, easing). Nevertheless, the general “absolution” does not provide for the lifting of convictions, i.e. rehabilitation.


The key point here is that such a measure is always timed to a large-scale, in terms of national importance, event. So, in 2015, an amnesty was carried out in connection with the onset of the 75th anniversary of the absolute victory of the Russian army over the fascists in 1945.

It is interesting! It is believed that this social and legal phenomenon appeared in Russia in the middle of the 16th century - then the Hundred Head Cathedral first began to declare extrajudicial “forgiveness” for all criminals in honor of the Christian holiday of Easter. Exceptions were only the killers and the organizers of robberies.

The practice of amnesty with certain specific features is used in many countries (in the CIS territories, in France, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Vietnam, Egypt, China and others), but its main purpose remains unchanged.Firstly, this is a manifestation of mercy and philanthropy, without exception, to all members of society, and, secondly, an effective way to free up places in prisons.

Forecasts and assumptions: to be or not to be

It is impossible to precisely answer the question of when in 2018 Russia will be granted an amnesty in criminal and administrative cases, because the draft being prepared has not yet entered into legal force. For the time being, the convicted can only guess at whether the event they are expecting will take place or not. However, some experts suggest that the chances are there, and, moreover, are quite large, which can be confirmed by the following facts:

  1. In addition to the presidential elections on March 11, in the days of next year, another important event will take place just with a round date - the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War (November 7, 1917-25 October 1923). Having put an end to the existence of the Russian Empire and led to the establishment of the power of the Bolsheviks, this internal conflict played a tangible role in the history of the Russian people. Thus, “forgiveness” can become both a technique for raising the rating in the political arena, and a logical step caused by the onset of a symbolic occasion.
  2. The corresponding developments have already been repeatedly discussed in the State Duma and the Government of the Russian Federation. The deputies even started the official preparation of papers, and even now, before the documents are approved by the President’s signature, they still do not mean anything, yet practice shows that their entry into force is only a matter of time. Usually the news about the adoption of such projects is not disclosed to the last, although the authorities already know that they will definitely gain legitimacy. So despair about this is definitely not worth it.


Who can hope

Another question does not lose relevance: on what articles will the amnesty be held? Are all offenders able to claim the “absolution”? Will the crime rate then rise to a critical level? Here, the authorities developed special mechanisms and methods for regulating the situation. For example, such forgiveness never in full or in partial form will affect those who went to prison for especially grave crimes (for example, murder), the commission of which was associated with violence and cruelty. The whole term with the ensuing consequences also have to sit out:

  • those to whom a lifelong preventive measure was assigned;
  • recidivists;
  • thieves who have penetrated someone else’s property by hacking;
  • kidnappers adults and children;
  • big scammers;
  • serial killers, maniacs, pedophiles, etc .;
  • to terrorists, extremists, spies and traitors to the Motherland.

Important! The fundamental factor that gives the prisoner the right to an early exit or mitigation of conditions is a measured period - it should be no more than 5 years.

Priority applicants for exemption from liability:

  1. Minors.
  2. Old men.
  3. Women, especially pregnant women.
  4. Persons who have a previous conviction - the first.
  5. Convicted for crimes of mild severity (illegal emigration, participation in unauthorized meetings without harming others, imprisonment for so-called "political" motives, etc.).
  6. Disabled people of groups 1 and 2, as well as patients with oncology, the last stage of tuberculosis or other dangerous and officially confirmed medical certificates of ailments.
  7. Those who have a suspended sentence or are under investigation, i.e. not placed behind bars.
  8. Single parents, on whose shoulders is assigned the responsibility of raising minor dependent children.
  9. Workers in public or correctional labor.
  10. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and people with other merits for the Fatherland.
  11. Soldiers, past Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Caucasus.
  12. Liquidators of a technological catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Prisoners in prison


According to the latest news, the idea of ​​amnesty of prisoners in 2018 in honor of the October Revolution was made by colleagues in the tandem SS. Udaltsov (“Left Front”, “Avant-garde of Red Youth”, adherent of socialism) and S.А. Shargunov (current deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation), who even organized the “For a broad amnesty” movement. The purpose of this association is to secure the release and reinstatement of the rights of all those who committed minor offenses, but were responsible for the disproportionate gravity of the crime. So, Shargunov cited as an example the story of his father, who stole several chocolates and shampoos for his children in the supermarket and received a real time for it. Such cases, in particular, according to Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (for petty theft), in 2016, as many as 33,000 occurred! A total of 650,000 people went into custody that year - a colossal figure, in the opinion of public figures, given the fact that a significant part of the acts was committed under the influence of total poverty.

Udaltsov and Shargunov, referring to the mass “forgiveness” of 2000, when over 200,000 Russians were released from custody, are sure: there will be no increase in the number of crimes. Ombudsman of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Mark Denisov agrees with this point of view. He believes that the last act of mercy in 2015 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution turned out to be a profanation that did not fulfill any of its direct functions: out of 800,000 prisoners, only 25,000 under the amnesty fell Anyway, the outcome of the situation and the decision of the President will be expected both by supporters and opponents of liberation and relaxation.

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