Winter Universiade 2017

One of the most ambitious and grand sports events for young people will soon open its doors to young talents and ordinary spectators.Winter Universiade 2017it is not far off, which means it's time to find out interesting details about this event, as well as get acquainted with the order of its holding.

Universiade 2017 is unique in that it reveals the sports talents of ordinary university students. Competitions are the most important step in the development of modern world sports. Children learn to show restraint and skill, while adhering to the Olympic principles - the main thing is not victory, but participation. Every year, the Universiade goes to a new level, becomes more spectacular and attracts new participants.

Date and venue

The 28th Winter Universiade 2017 will be held in Kazakhstan, namely in Almaty. Its sports arenas will host competitors from January 28 to February 8. It is worth noting that Torento was also considered as the host city of this large-scale tournament, but the Italian economy is not living the best time, so the government decided to postpone it.

The fact that the capital of Alma-Ata will host the Universiade in 2017 was known long before the event itself - in 2012.


World Winter Universiade

As a rule, any sporting event has its own emblem. It is developed by the best artists and certainly indicates some characteristic features of the competition. The 2017 Universiade logo was created by two criteria:

  • the picture must contain the capital letter of the word “Universiade”;
  • the outlines of the mountains, as the main attractions of Kazakhstan.

These two details became the main symbols of the Winter Universiade. In addition to them, five stars dyed in blue, green, red, yellow and black are added to the emblem brightness, like Olympic rings. This designation once again proves that sports are in many ways reminiscent of the Olympic Games. Also, the organizers came up with the slogan of the event, which calls on athletes to “spread their wings”.

It can be understood in different ways, but first of all it prompts people to believe in their own strength, strive for victory and not stop at obstacles. This approach will help to conquer the peaks.

The main objects of the 2017 Universiade

propaganda of winter universiade in almaty

For all the time of preparation for the competition, the host country has spent more than 2 trillion. tenge for the reconstruction of old sports facilities and the construction of new ones. You can already see the full list of sites that will be involved during the Universiade.

  • “Ice Arena” - the main complex of competitions, with a total capacity of up to 3 thousand fans. It has installed the latest equipment, as well as applied technology parquet change. It is planned to hold competitions in basketball, hockey, futsal, etc.
  • “Ice Palace” - the capacity of the complex is 12 thousand people. The main sport that will take the palace - figure skating.
  • Stadium "Medeo" - can comfortably accommodate 83 thousand people. Skating competitions will be held on this arena.
  • “Palace of Sports” - capacity of 5 thousand people, includes a small and large arena. Women's hockey will take place on the big arena, and the short trekists' competitions will take place on the small arena.
  • “Sunkar” - will host the jumper jump races. The total number of seats - 5 thousand.
  • “Shimbulak” - ski resort, which was built in 1954.It made a reconstruction and equipped a modern cable car.
  • “Alatau” - there will be competitions in biathlon and skiing. On this base can accommodate 3 thousand fans.
  • “Astana” - Freestyle representatives will show their strength at this facility.

The main types of competitions

2017 Winter Universiade

For 2 weeks, athletes from different parts of the world will fight for the first places in 13 sports. Note that the plots can be both women and men.


Name Women, km Men, km
Individual race 15 20
Sprint 7,5 10
Pursuit 10 12,5
Mass start 12,5 15
Mixed relay 2*7,5 + 2*6


  • slalom;
  • supergiant;
  • giant slalom;
  • super combination.

Short track

  • 500 m;
  • 1000 m;
  • 1500 m;
  • 5000 m (men) / 3000 m (women).


  • ski cross
  • mogul;
  • halfpile;
  • slopestyle

Ski race

  • free style sprint;
  • 30 km, free style;
  • 4-7.5 km, relay race;
  • 10 km, classic style.

Figure skating

  • dancing on Ice;
  • couples;
  • single skating.


  • slopestyle;
  • halfpile;
  • parallel giant slalom;
  • snowboard cross.

Ski jumping

  • normal springboard (individual championship);
  • normal springboard (team championship).

In addition, athletes can show themselves in all their glory in speed skating, curling, hockey and hockey.


when will the 2017 winter unneversiad begin

The host country has put forward a proposal to add another discipline to the general list of competitions - hockey. As time has shown, this team game is gaining momentum in popularity. Rumor has it that hockey with the ball will be included even in the 2018 Olympics. In view of the fact that the Kazakh teams are leaders in this sport, it is not surprising that they stopped on it.

Speed ​​skating, which was presented last time in 2013, was also returned to the 2017 Universiade. Thus, the 28th sports games received an additional 2 new disciplines.

While there is still some time left before the competition, the fans have the opportunity to prepare, buy tickets and draw bright posters to fully support our compatriots!

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