Wiring in the house. From A to Z.

January 4, 2018
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Before you begin electrical work in the apartment will need to create a scheme for future electrical wiring. To achieve the desired effect, it must be literate, thoughtful, contain the necessary calculations and be technically correct. Also important is the selection of the right panel equipment.

Wiring in the house. From A to Z.

Without the availability of knowledge and appropriate skills, it is unlikely that a scheme can be created without errors, and they can lead to unpredictable results. It will be possible to avoid dangerous situations if all the installation work of electricians is to be trusted by professionals. In this case, accurate calculations will be carried out to establish the load on the electricity grid being created, thus avoiding possible overloads. The electric circuit will reflect the places where sockets, electrical panel, lamps, chandeliers, switches, junction boxes are installed. On the power supply plan will be marked and the line cable in the apartment, so this document will not be replaceable when repairing hidden electrical wiring.

Wiring in the house. From A to Z.

The finished version of the scheme is superimposed on the plan of the apartment and becomes a working document for electricians. In accordance with it, lines will be drawn on the surface of ceilings and walls, as well as the places of installation of lighting fixtures, panel and elements of the electrical network.

Upon completion of this phase of work, electricians start to manufacture the grooves in which the cable will be placed. If the house is wooden, and its owner wants to have hidden electrical wiring, then the cable, before walling in the wall, will be laid in a metal casing. Such a precaution will help protect the building from fire in the event of a short circuit.

For making shtrob professional masters use wall chasers. This device speeds up the electrical wiring process and removes the dust that forms.

After carrying out the preparatory work, the electricians put the cable into the grooves and carry out all the connections of the wires in the dose boxes. In this process, they use only permitted methods - soldering, welding or special terminals.

Wiring in the house. From A to Z.

Electricians install sockets, switches, electrical panel and lighting fixtures and check.power supply to work. After elimination of errors, if they are revealed, the stage of embedding strobe begins. The first layer is the painting grid, then plaster, putty. At the final stage a decorative coating is applied on the walls - paint, plaster, wallpaper.

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Wiring in the house. From A to Z 47

Wiring in the house. From A to Z 21

Wiring in the house. From A to Z 48

Wiring in the house. From A to Z 59